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Manga List ... R is for Retro
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We're taking a look at five mangas this post.... all beginning with the letter R.  First off...

Ranma 1/2 - Manga
This has to be best comical manga of it’s era. “Off the wall” doesn’t even begin to describe this manga.  You be hard pressed to find an anime fan that isn’t a fan of Ranma.

Revolutionary Girl Utena - Manga

While not the first manga to hit onto the Princess being her own prince, this was one of the first yuri/feminist theme shows.  The movie was one of the weirdest moments in anime history.  We watched the entire series which only to you get to the end does the series make any sense.  Skipping to the end won’t help you.  It’s one of the series you have to binge watch.

Watched or read Revoluntionary Girl Utena … what did you think?

Rosario to Vampire - Manga

One of the quirky harem shows, Rosario to Vampire anime broke down to fight of the week much like watching Team Rocket blasting off again.  While it did touch slightly on the question of prejudice, it never really developed the theme.

Rozen Maiden - Manga

Didn’t really care for the remake of this series. Too much Utena style cutaways. The first series was great as the Ultimate Alice started kicking in. Still this was cool series, manga or anime.

Red Hot Chili Samurai - Manga

Kokaku is a flashy, casual dressing samurai. He’s always lying around, but he has no compassion for the wicked! Sneaking into gambling dens and pavilions and beating up the baddies… On top of that, how far would he go for his beloved chili peppers!? The first part of this fire breathing action packed hero’s tale!!

Couldn’t leave with ALL retro manga posts without one manga which was new and hot. Well until Tokyopop dropped out of publishing it.  For those who LOVED Samurai Champloo this manga is er was for you.

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